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The Feds’ YouTube Channel

Google reports that the federal government now has its own YouTube channel. There, viewers can watch weekly addresses from President Obama, videos from NASA, the Department of Education, and several other government agencies. The move into cyberspace is part of Barack Obama’s goal to make government more transparent and accessible, although my guess is that outside of political junkies and Obamaphiles, government videos aren’t going to capture much attention. Obama’s first weekly video (released during inauguration week, four months ago) has been viewed about 1.2 million times; the  Slap-Chop Rap has been viewed 2.1 million times in the last month, and this idiot kid  has been viewed 4 million times in the last three weeks (and my faith in humanity has just died a little more).  The view counts for all of BHO’s videos since inauguration week have steadily declined, and last week’s video is sitting at 85 thousand views. But the government videos are there if you want ’em, and that’s probably a step in the right direction.

So, can we do away with those televised presidential addresses now? I don’t watch much television, but it always seems that the SOTU is on the one night I want to watch House, or whatever. 

Also, it looks like all the videos are in the public domain, so have at it, comedic media mash-uppers! (Masher-ups? Up-mashers? What’s the correct word here?)


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Election Reflection

First of all, an early congratulations to our presumptive next president.

This week’s Economist has endorsed Barack Obama – no surprise. However, something struck me about the cover:

I suspect somebody photoshopped out a cigarette from his hand. It’s no big secret that Obama is a smoker, but if there was ever any doubt, just look at how cool, confident, and suave he looks in this photo. That’s the spitting image of a smoker, if I ever saw it.

So my question is, why remove the cigarette? Can’t a guy smoke a cig and be president? Sometimes it seems like smokers are more derided than homosexuals and atheists combined. 😉

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