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Glenn Beck Update

Has Glenn Beck denied raping and murdering a young girl in 1990?



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Did Glenn Beck Rape and Murder a Young Girl in 1990?


Just so we’re clear: Glenn Beck probably didn’t rape and murder a young girl in 1990.

Please tell all your friends that Glenn Beck most likely did not rape and murder a young girl in 1990.

Still… if he’s innocent, then why hasn’t Glenn Beck denied that he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990?

I love internet memes, especially ones aimed at dramatic political douchebags.

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Funniest Headline I Saw Today

Sorry for the micro post, but this is too funny not to pass on:

Mass Failure of 30GB Zunes Shows that at Least a Few People Actually Own Zunes.

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Minnesotans for Global Warming

To celebrate Minnesota’s first snowfall of the season, please enjoy this video from Minnesotans For Global Warming.

MN4GW – “If We Had Some Global Warming” (to the tune of the Bare Naked Ladies’ “If I had a Million Dollars.”)

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The Funniest Thing I’ve Read Today

And it’s only 7:30 AM!

[Post Title] “I Would Just Like to Point Out that John McCain Tonight Proposed Nationalizing All Bad Mortgages.

Just wanted to see if that looked any saner on the page. Nope, no it doesn’t.

Courtesy of Matt Welch at Hit & Run (and for the record Matt, I would totally be on board with nationalizing Starbucks).

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Election Coverage Proves that the Media is Useless

Yesterday, posted a fantastically scathing indictment of the media and their (non)coverage of the important issues involved in the 2008 election. ATSRTWT – it’s a great read. Here’s the gist:

Dear Media,

What’s this thing about? The big thing. The thing that’s happening in a few months or so. The thing with all those well-dressed people talking at each other. You know…

The election.

What’s it about?

Okay, onto Barack’s [] page and his video for energy. It’s called “Obama hits McCain on Energy.”

-”We’re investing in the next generation of automobiles.” That’s nice. Kind of reminds me of ‘The power is yours,‘ or ‘Trust the Force.’ Very hopeful if, perhaps, empty.
-Next, Obama points out something Bush’s energy department said about some other energy plan, (not his, though). Seems kind of unrelated, but whatever.
-Obama criticizes this aforementioned plan, saying “What they don’t tell you,” is that it won’t have a positive impact on gas prices until 2030. Obama is outraged. Still not totally sure why he’s talking about this plan. I want to hear about his. It’s so easy to look impressive when you’re criticizing a clearly flawed plan that no one is going to defend.

Plus, why is it just a video of Obama talking? All I hear from him speeches, albeit, terrific speeches, that inspire hope, though not much confidence. I can get these videos on his website. Shouldn’t CNN be saying “Theoretically, this plan works” or “Based on our research, this plan will fail”? Or maybe even “He barely even discussed a plan?” Something? How come on McCain’s video, CNN narrates and comments on what he’s saying but they just kind of let Barack go?

You’re CNN. You are CNN. You’re not some hilariously absurd website that can get away with posting tasteless articles asking to see the potential Vice President naked. You’re CNN. You have a responsibility.

Have you ever been fucked violently in the ear? And then your friend comes in and, instead of helping, starts telling you what the guy’s balls look like? That’s you. You’re that friend.

I want you to protect me from getting fucked, and all you’re saying is “Balls, balls balls.”

One more shot. Okay, I’ll head on over to FoxNews. They’ve got to be trustworthy. They’ve got “News” right there in the title, so to suggest seriousness, and “Fox,” so to suggest cleverness. Or perhaps that you can’t trust them around chickens.

Hey, has clips of Sean Hannity’s interview with Sarah Palin. Sean says that it’s an uncensored interview, with no questions off limits! Palin has been fairly reluctant to speak, and FoxNews offers a no-holds-barred interview? The Bloodsport of interviews? Hot damn, we’re cooking with gas!

Let’s see, on the subject of what’s to be done about the Economy, Sarah Palin says “We’ve gotta cure this. By reform.” Now, moving on to-

Wait. No. That can’t be enough of an answer. That’s way too obvious. Our current system led to the giant retarded Wall Street implosion, so of course the answer is reform. I mean, after the economic week we’ve had, if you asked me what I think we should do, with my absolutely nonexistent background in economics, all I’d be able to say would be “Hey, you know our old plan that ended up turning into a shit sandwich? Let’s not keep doing that.” Are you saying that’s enough to satisfy you, Hannity? Can I be Vice President?

Come on, Media. We’re coming off some rough years as far as trust in our government goes. As a country, we’re paying closer attention than ever. Do your job.

Tell me something useful.

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Principles of Economics, Translated

This video has been around for a while now, but it still makes me, quite literally, LOL.

Watch the “Stand-Up Economist” translate Mankiw’s 10 Principles of Economics for the layman. It’s a hoot. (~5 minutes)

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Today’s Laughs (7.31.08)

U Chicago’s John Cochrane sticks it to the school’s anti-Friedman faculty coalition. (This is truly a great read – H/T Marginal Revolution)

EavesdropDC made me laugh out loud.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (Scrabulous returns in a new form).

Rapper Ludacris calls Hillary Clinton a naughty name; poligeeks respond

Oh, no they di-in’t! Yahoo launches (then immediately takes down) “Yuil.”

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Funniest Words I’ve Read Today

Cato’s David Boaz, on Obama:

To the extent that some libertarians look favorably on Obama, I think it’s mostly negative: Bush and the Republican Congress have been so bad that any alternative looks good. But occasionally Obama does indeed say something almost libertarian. And then he promises that he’s the guy who can build a consensus to actually implement Hillary Clinton’s policy agenda, and libertarians are reminded of why they rarely vote Democratic.

Full article here.

Author’s note: I’ve been in a hyper-bloggy mood today (to the detriment of my actual work). No promises that this level of (non)productivity will continue.

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South Park Studios is releasing an uncensored director’s cut of the three-part “Imaginationland” episode!

Watch the uncut “Imaginationland: The Movie” here.


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