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Archetypealyze Me

A few months ago, the Blog Typealyzer determined that I’m an INTP personality type (logical, analytical, imaginative). Now the makers of the Typealyzer have unveiled the “Archetypealyzer,” a utility that attempts to describe a blogger’s Jungian personality archetype (or something like it, anyway).

The Archetypealyzer’s take on Technagora:

The analysis indicates that the author of
is of the type:

Motivation: Independence

Desire to be yourself and find out about the world

Innocent – “Free to be you and me”
Explorer- “Don´t fence me in”
Sage – “The truth will set you free”

That feels about right to me, although granted, it’s a somewhat romanticized, idealistic description (hey, I’m a sucker for flattery). Readers, what do you guys think?

There’s also a Sport Typealyzer, which doesn’t seem as accurate (it thinks I like golf… I hate golf).


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