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On Twitter

Here’s what my twitter feed looks like on an average day:

  • Policy wonk friend: “This is stupid –….”
  • Reading friend: “At such-and-such cafe reading what’s-his-face.”
  • Random friend A: “Watching a movie, television show, or sporting event.”
  • Social friend : “Anyone going out after work?”
  • Foreign friend: [something in Italian]
  • Random friend B: “Spending the weekend at some other place, going to see some weird thing.”
  • Institution I meant to take off my follow list: Read the latest press release here…
  • Youtube Junkie friend: “this is funny –…”
  • Random friend C: “Saw something on the metro this morning.”
  • Friend I don’t really know: “The new album by a band I (and only I) like is good, but not their best work.”
  • Random friend D: @Random friend A “comment on same movie, television show, or sporting event.”

I’m about ready to give up on Twitter. None of my local friends use it (facebook and cell phones for us), and most of the tweets I read are either out of context for me or just not relevant to anything I’m involved in currently. I don’t see much point in twittering the minute details of my often-banal daily experience, either. Still, I maintain a half-assed tweeting habit, hoping that it will grow on me.

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3 Responses

  1. angela says:

    I have also tried to get twitter to grow on me. Its been an utter failure thus far. I’ve had an account since summer and I’ve made approximately 10 posts. It doesn’t help that ever time I look at it no one has posted anything interesting or relevant to me.

  2. crypticgypsy says:

    Agreed. I opened an account back in 2007 and I just haven’t been able to really stay attracted to it. Finally deleted it. I guess I just can’t see the “excitement” behind telling everybody that I’m i.e. eating a freakin’ sandwich. I already rarely do that on facebook. lawl.


  3. Libby says:

    I just updated my twitter status to say I’m eating a sandwich. Lulz!

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