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Leaving My Mark on the Cyber World

I’ve contributed a piece of slang to Urban Dictionary:

Omguh” is the vocal pronunciation of the internet acronym “OMG,” which stands for Oh My God. It is often used sarcastically. The vocal phrase was first popularized by the eponymous host of the cable television program “Unscrewed with Martin Sargent,” which aired on the now-defunct TechTV from 2003-2004.

Visit the entry page and give it a thumbs up, please?

And while we’re talking about Urban Dictionary, how about a short “best-of” list?

Sammich: Used to note whether a porn model is too skinny. “That chick needs a sammich!”

Billy Dee Williams: 1) A cool motherf***er. 2) Anything that oozes cool.

Sociology: Another fake science liberal arts major taken predominantly by pseudo-intellectual girls without father figures.


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