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More on the MSU Off-Campus Alcohol Policy

An economic analysis of the new policy, courtesy of the Economics Club, co-authored by myself, published in the MSU Reporter. The gist:

University leadership is in the unenviable position of trying to balance the students’ interests (if you can consider drinking an “interest”) with those of the community. However, administration showed a blatant disregard for student opinion by ignoring the student senate’s dissenting opinion and pushing through such a sweeping measure so quickly.

If the goal of the university is to achieve a high level of compliance to these new rules, then administrators should reconsider this heavy-handed approach. The ability of the new penalties to alter student behavior at the time of consumption remains dubious. The impact that the fines and classes will have on students’ behavior after the fact is also questionable.

Finally, the university must realize that it’s fighting an uphill battle against a deeply ingrained cultural norm that pairs the college experience with alcohol use

Read the whole thing. Pretty please?


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