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Spread Memes with Alcohol!

Anybody who spent any time at the bar with me this past summer has come to know what to expect when I raise my glass and propose a toast. Two words: “Free Trade!”

I’ve recently passed the toast onto the senior-level members of my school’s Economics Club, and I’m urging all of my KSFP friends, now dispersed at schools throughout the country, to do the same. If we can bring our message to untold numbers of inebriated hipster college students, who knows? Maybe Bob Barr could carry a county or two in November.* (Hey, lest you forget, similar off-beat campaign tactics have been hugely successful in Minnesota before).

*This is not an endorsement of Bob Barr.


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2 Responses

  1. Will Luther says:

    I will never forget the somewhat obvious–though not to any of us yelling “free trade” off your balcony at 2AM while raising glasses high–statement of the concord concierge:

    In related news, drunk blogging could be the next big thing (see link below for details). For the record, I propose the name drogging.

  2. Libby says:

    I’m still so upset that I missed that entire Koch Summer episode!

    I think we should call it “Blunk Drogging.”

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