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VP Debate Protest Signs: Call for Suggestions

An anonymous friend of mine from WashU is going to be at the VP debate in St. Louis next month. In fact, he lives right next door to the venue. His plan is to put a big sign on the outside of his house, one that expresses a pro-liberty sentiment. Apparently, if his sign displays a slogan that’s “too anti-statist,” the Secret Service can lock him up for 72 hours without charges. (I know, right? But that’s a whole ‘nother topic).

Anyway, I’m soliciting suggestions on his behalf. Comments are open. Clever, witty, snarky, the more memorable, the better. As they say, let your creativity guide you!


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4 Responses

  1. anon says:

    I won’t be attending the debates, unless by some miracle I win the student raffle of tickets. And I doubt they would actually lock me up for that, I just don’t want to attract too much hostile attention.

  2. Milton Friedman says:

    Something short and sweet: WashU free trade?

  3. Charles G. Koch says:

    How about: WashU Vices?
    cmon, don’t let Mr. Friedman and I be the only ones with ideas.

  4. Charles G. Koch says:

    *WashU is pro-Vices

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